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Shops & Services
Each shop in the virtual sim is a reflection of projects and shops we have in real life.
The virtual "Village of Wintermoon" is an idealized environment, lovingly handcrafted, and hopefully and wishfully, endeavored.
It is a large version of a smaller project; that being building our physical shop and home.

Right now, the only semi-physical shop available, other than the virtual ones, is Gothic Graffiti.
With this, we hope to make enough money to build a physical presence in miniature of this idealized space.

In-World (Second Life) Shops & Information

The Wolf Moon Inn & Cafe:
Downstairs, food and snacks. Upstairs, a place to sleep.
Cakes and cookies by the Not-So-Sweet Shoppe. Pies and canned goods by Ginnie's. Some stuff baked by the evil squirrel. yeah, you gotta watch that one.
A lot of history and odd things here in this inn. Read about it in the town history (back story).

Ghost Story Apparel:
"Clothes with a dark story to tell". Clothing and items based on spooky, scary stories and haunted history.

The Wintermoon Art Gallery:
Art we've made over the years and have for sale.

Dance With The Dead Radio:
A real internet radio station owned and operated by us, featuring daily playlist, morning show and podcasts.
You can listen in the sim, or on the web at Dance With The Dead Radio.
Come hang out in the morning with DJ Ms. Anthropy as she spins 2 hours of Punk, Rock, Horrorpunk, Retro & Weird from 6am to 8am SL time. (8-10am central).

Gothic Graffiti:
The virtual p resence of our real world shop, where we have links to shop for yourself, and a vendor where you can buy some of our
real world items, for your virtual world. Clothing, accessories and home decor.

Auction House (held at the gazebo):
A fully operational auction house, when we have things we want to sell on Ebay. It sporadic. Join the Wintermoon group, and
follow us on our various media accounts to stay aprised of when this happens.

Ravynmoon Apothecary:
Home of Coven Ravynmoon & esoteric artist and author Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn. Buy trinkets (some from old SL, so watch them prim counts!)
buy books in world and their real world equivelents, get a reading, join a class, or just come hang out "for a spell".
You can also visit the website at

Low prim texture sets and decor. All handmade. All original. Personal use and full perm.

Misfit Toys:
Weird and haunted toys, puzzles, stickers, dolls, gachas and collectors stuff.

Harajuku, Dark Mori, Forest Witchy Apparel

After the Flesh:
High Fashion Attire

Fine cigars & smoking essentials.

Antiques & Curiosities:
Weird shit. Off the wall shit. Run by Henry Ward.

Chaosophia 3D:
ADULT 3d art supplies

The Not-So-Sweet Shoppe:
Cookies, candies, cakes, I-scream...everything to make your dark little taste buds bite you back.

Village Pizzeria:
Fun pizza place. Grab a slice or order a whole party pizza! Full menu!

Magical and Witchy homegoods and apparel. REAL majikally empowered items!

Full perm items for builders.

Wolf Point:
Open air market, where you can buy fresh fruits, veggies and meats for dinner, or grab some prepared food and play a game. Old World Carnival and board games here.

Miskatonic University: Wintermoon Campus:
This university has a long history. Having recently been restored, classes will once again resume in September 2023.
To view available classes for the semester and to register, visit the registration desk.

The Drunken Skunk Pub:
An old historic pub adopted by the local college crowd.

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