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We try to keep things fun and entertaining. Here you'll find various things to do around the village.

The Hellfire Clubs & Caves:
It's that big building at the top of the rock. Club DJ'd by Dance with the Dead radio personalities. Join club and/or land group to be notified of events.
Dance With The Dead Radio:
DWTD is a real internet radio station broadcasting globally. We have a 24/7 Goth/Industrial playlist as well as other regularly scheduled
shows, and podcasts. Listen in weekdays (Mon-Fri)from 6-8 am SL time (8-10 am central) for the Wake the Dead Morning Show with DJ Ms. Anthropy!
Join us here at the station weekday mornings, and on sunday mornings at 8am SL time (10 am central) for the uncensored abomination that is the Ravynmoon's Hex podcast
featuring Mizdimma & Arijah. It is pre-recorded, but we are at the station during air times. Many of our events are aired through DWTD, both in RL & SL.

The Wintermoon Theatre:
Stop by for what's playing, get a show bill for what's coming, and join us for watch parties! Plays, movies, and poetry readings which all take place here in the courtyard.

Be sure to join the Wintermoon group so you stay in the loop and don't miss a show!

The Wintermoon Library:
Stop by a read a book, but be sure to grab a library card! Mod you own and keep it on hand...just in case.
Bookcases full of books, periodicals, and other bits of this and that. Home of The Gothic Poets Society, and Hell's Librarians.
(and some other shady organizations that we won't go into right now)
Yes...the rats have been taken care of. No, the mutations don't seem to be contagious. The temp librarian ran off with Luna the barmaid. You're on your own folks. link places you inside the building as a precaution.)

The Wintermoon Skating Rink:
Grab some skates from the vendor, and hit the ice! Free hot dogs and cocoa. Be careful though, because parts of the ice are known to be shallow from time to time.
Oh, and it might be best to ignore any "voices" you hear while skating. Or any dreams you might have after visiting.

Crystal Lake:
Hiking, fishing, camping and even a meditation garden to forest bathe and get your yoga on.
The hiking paths start at Ravynmoon Apothecary here: Hiking path 1
or between the Miskatonic University Dorms and Okiku's here: Hiking path 2
As always, wear proper clothing and gear, bring a flashlight, have the map handy, and if you see anything strange, be sure to report it to Detective Slade immediately.

Wolf Point Market & Old World Carnival:
Food and games. Carnival games-win prizes!, photobooth, board games, menagerie carousel.
Oracle Readings:
Get your oracle reading done by Ari. Apppointments are preferred. Just drop a notecard in the mailbox to schedule.

Game Nights!
We occassionally play games! Join the group so not to miss out!

On Going Events:
We have some regular events we do each year, like The Golden Apple Hunt each April and The Ghosts By Gaslight victorian storytelling each December.
Check out the "Current Events" page for any hunts or events happening soon or now.

The Village RP:
Click on the RP page for more details.

Some Interesting Characters
Henry the Squirrel:
Feed the squirrel at the Wintermoon theatre. Just bang on the tree for nuts to fall, and he'll go scampering around to eat them. He can be a bit unruly from time to time.
The sign says "beware of attack squirrel" but we haven't had one of those in a while. Just in case, you might want to move fast, and sit back on the bench and watch him from there.
We named him after Henry Rollins. Yeah. Yeah, we did.

The Wandering Minstrel:
She comes, she goes, and you never know what she'll be toting around. Sometimes its a lute, sometimes a piano (we don't ask how she moves it around), but the music is beautiful...
almost....too beautiful. She's usually set up at the Wintermoon gazebo at the landing area.
Humphrey kind of just wandered up on the place. We don't know much about where he comes from, but he seems to know a lot about what's going on here. I don't think he's dangerous.