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Current Events: DECEMBER 2022

RAVYNMOON Classes & Tutorials: December 21st, 2022: PineCodes - Magical, Historical, & Medicinal Uses of Pinecones: A Ravynmoon Mini-Class by Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn
This is a multi-world event. You can either participate virtually by going to the Village of Wintermoon Sim in Second Life, and participate in finding the "silver pinecone"
to get a couple of gifts (including a link to this class package), or just download the package itself from here. Links Below.
To get your printable materials, kindly go to
Once there, go down the page to "Classes & Tutorials".
You will see "December 21st, 2022: PineCodes - Magical, Historical, & Medicinal Uses of Pinecones: A Ravynmoon Mini-Class by Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn" along with a description.
Click on either the Zip file or PDF link to get your package.
*PineCodes-Pinecones Throughout and/or or *PineCodes - A Ravynmoon Mini-Class by Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn.pdf
They are full-color pages, intended to be downloaded and printed in addition to your personal Books of Shadows.

Dark Winter Tales

Dark Winter Tales is a month long event here at the Village of Wintermoon.
From December 1st 2022, through January 5th 2023.

As the name suggests, it's a month of haunted and magical mysteries through the dark and enchanted forest.
I've always felt that Winter was the most haunted season; with everything cold, and still, and silent.
Autumn has it's creepy and beautiful colors, and ushers in the Spooky season, but Winter...oooh...Winter.
The tales of terror that the coldest and darkest of all seasons has inspired, is haunting.

From Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven": "Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December;. And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor", to Charles Dickens
"A Christmas Carol" -fireside stories, told in the comfort of the parlor or at the bedside, or at the dinner table,surrounded by friends and family.

For almost a decade, we here at Wintermoon have kept this tradition alive, by spending an entire night every December reading stories of Tennebrarum terror.

Here's how it works: Hidden in the depths of The Village of Wintermoon, there will be a "calendar" vendor. Just like an Advent calendar, every day there will be something new in each of the boxes.
Touch the box to get your gift each day. In the real world, it will work similar; just head over to Gothic, where every day a new item for the Winter season
will be featured, as well as a few printable goodies to help make your season a little more...spooky. Some real world items will also have virtual counterparts.

Items for the event will be highlighted on the blog over at, the social media pages, and on the Wake the Dead Morning show with DJ Ms. Anthropy every weekday morning at 8am central (6am SL/Pacific time)on
Dance with the Dead Radio as they are released, so you can stay apprised on what goes in and when!

On December 11th, take a break from your holiday tasking or mutli-task, and join us on Dance with the Dead Radio, starting at 8pm central.(6pm SL/Pacific time)
Listen from the comfort of your own fireside in the real world, or teleport your avatar over to The Village of Wintermoon in Second Life, and join us at our virtual haunted fireside,
as we tell the tales that frighten in the snowy, cold and dark Winter nights.

Walk around the sim, and investigate everything! The sim is full of gifts, information and freebies! Read the notecards, and learn about who we are and why we do what we do, and join the Wintermoon group!

Dark stories are told here.
Forest spirits live here.
Winter is alive here...and we have coffee!

From the real haunted forest of Tennessee to the virtual world, to your front room -settle in, get cozy, and help keep this tradition alive, albeit in a different way.
Celebrate with us, and enchant your world!

Happy holidays.
Happy Tennebrarum.

~Your friends at The Village of Wintermoon, Ravynmoon, Dance With The Dead Radio, and Gothic Graffiti.

12/2/22 Watch Party @ The Wintermoon Theatre

Theatre TP:
Movie trailer on YouTube:
Link to movie:

So, grab your popcorn, box of tissues and your bag of holding qnd join us at 8pm central (9 eastern) 6pm SLT (Pacific).

12/10/22 Cookie baking @ The Wolf Moon Inn & Cafe

Grab some goodies, bake some yummies and share your favorite recipes all day at the Cafe!
Don't SL? No problem! Drop your favorite recipes off at the Village of Wintermoon Facebook page

12/11/22 Ghosts by Gaslight Annual Victorian Storytime

Join us at 6pm SLT (Pacific) 8pm central /9 eastern for a night of traditional spooky ghost stories.
At the LP in SL:
No SL? Worry not, just tune in to Dance With The Dead Radio, to listen from anywhere!

January 2023


1/6/23 Watch Party @ The Wintermoon theatre
"Beauty and the Beast (2014)"

Theatre TP:
Movie trailer:
Link to movie:

8pm central (9 eastern) 6pm SLT (Pacific).

1/7-1/15 2023 Jasper's Journals

The Wintermoon Library presents the first in our "who or what dunnit" Wintermon mystery hunt series.
"Jasper's Journals" introduces us to Jasper P. Olmstead. "J.P." to some; just Jasper to others.

Jasper is one character in the Drusilla book series (book 1, soon to be released) by Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn (Wintermoon Publishing).
Jasper will take you through a series of events all week, guiding you through the mystery leaving clues behind in his journals.
The player will search for and/or locate a journal and be guided to the next clue. At the end of the mystery, conclusions will be drawn,
and a treasure will be uncovered. (A giftie for player participation.)

Other mysteries with Jasper and some of the other characters will be released from time to time, so if you're interested in this mystery,
and others that are sure soon to sure to join the Wintermoon group, to stay apprised of these, as well as shop updates, event scheduled,
"The Village" RP announcements, and other stuff we have planned!

So, grab your flashlights, a backpack, your own journal, and your sense of adventure, and join us for "Jasper's Journals",
from January 7th through the 15th, 2023.

1/21-1/27 2023 Chinese New Year: Year of the Water Rabbit
Join us for a Chinese new year! Grab some yummy Chinese food, a mooncake, and a red envelope gift!

Stay tuned! More events may be announced! We be spontaneous like that. ;)