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The Village RP
"The Village" is an evolving roleplay based on an old informal and evolving village on the Appalachian plateau in Tennessee.
Strange occurences, legends and folktales are commonplace, and the entire village is steeped heavily is secrets and the occult;
some stories dating back to early american colonialism.
Storylines include cryptids, paranormal, and secret societies.

How to participate
To join "The Village" roleplay, to take part in the story,
1) Join the Village of Wintermoon group. This group is for all notifications regarding the sim, including roleplay storylines, projects, venues, and events.
2) Grab the HUD from the main landing point, or other various locations throughout the sim. This will help you navigate information throughout your experience here.
3) Check "The Villager" newspaper, and keep group notifications open to stay apprised of happenings. The newspaper is avialable at The Villager newspaper building,
at Newspaper boxes throughout the sim, and can be found in various places just laying about.
The paper will connect you to the online newspaper webpage, by prompting you to open your browser.
4) Look for anomalies. Gather clues. Explore! Report any strange activity to the Detective or newspaper in town.
5) Join the research! report clues you find, information you gather, or make up your own, and place it in the research book at the library.

Roleplay is open and encouraged.
Dress is casual. If you're running a specific role, consider attire.
Griefers and trolls will be thrown into Emania for the old ones to sort out.