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Town History (Backstory)
The Village of Wintermoon resides at the cusp of two worlds: the physical world, and the virtual one.

It's history is vague, although formal settlement in believed to have begun in 1782,
when a few founding families decided to put down roots, although it's rumored to be far older than that.
A few descendants still live here, and some of the original buildings still stand. In other parts, only foundations or lingering gardens remain where once was a small farm or dwelling.
Local natives avoided the area, save for a few hunting excursions. They said it was "bad", and that ghosts and other strange anomalies exist here.

The property is located deep within a haunted forest on the Appalachian plateau, and stood vacant for decades until purchased by Arijah and Mizdimma,
as a sanctuary for artists, occultists and self-identified "weirdos".

"The village", as locals have come to call it, doesn't fall short of legends and lore.

Described as a place of "dark fairytales, esoteria, and coffee", Wintermoon does seem to be entrenched in a certain "vibe".
Strange occurrences do seem to favor the location. Reports of ghosts, cryptids, and strange lights pouring into the local newspaper or radio station is not uncommon.

Talk of ancient artifacts, strange books, and secret societies are discussed in hushed manner in the Wolf Moon Cafe and at other gathering spots throughout the village.

The village sustains itself by tourism, along with the selling of arts and crafts, handmade clothing, and baked goods by local merchants.

Wintermoon Village boasts an old world boardwalk style carnival, as well as scenic hiking trails, where groups or individuals can walk, bike, hike, camp and fish at the Crystal Lake Campground.
It has it's own radio station and newspaper.
There is no local law enforcement, but there is a holding cell to constrain those who step greatly out of line. Order seems to be self-regulated and agreed upon.

The aesthetic is eclectic, as the modern mixes fluidly with the past.

Some older establishments, like the Wintermoon library, the Drunken Skunk Tavern, and the Wolf Moon Inn & Cafe have histories in the distant past.
It's rumored that these places hold dark secrets, many of which are still undiscovered.

Indeed, Wintermoon is writing it's own story, and the cast of characters and situations vary wildly.

The village is the perfect location to hide, play, explore, hold an event, and add to your own roleplay.

Residency is currently closed, but visitors are always welcome.


Join "The Village" roleplay, to take part in the story.
1) Join the Village of Wintermoon group.
2) Grab the HUD from the main landing point, or other various locations throughout the sim.
3) Check "The Villager" newspaper, and keep group notifications open to stay apprised of happenings.
4) Look for anomalies. Gather clues. Explore! Report any strange activity to the Detective or newspaper.

Roleplay is open and encouraged.
Dress is casual.
Griefers and trolls will be thrown into Emania for the old ones to sort out.