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The Villager serves Wintermoon as a whole, and will service updates on physical events and items of interest as well as those within it's virtual space of Second Life, including roleplay.

March 2023
The Lurker At the Edge of Town

It's windows, like eyes, catch the glimmer of the streetlights. Eyes that have seen a lot of town history and beared witness to over 200 years of strange and unusual events.

"Strange and unusual is part of the charm of Misky U" says the institution's new Dean, Carmilla Nightengale.
When the Wintermoon Campus of Miskatonic University locked it's doors back in 2014, it was done without any consideration of resurrection.

With the disappearance of two university freshman, the dismassal of the Science department head Jynxanna Ravenwood, and a series of unfortunate and problematic structural issues,
funding for the university was cut, and then Dean Lorelai St. Germaine closed the college for good.

Ms. St. Germaine was unavailable for comment, but her grandson Daryn told us that since the campus has come under new management, repairs of the facility have been made.
When asked Daryn about "the attic" and if anything was discovered during the renovations, he responded "we don't talk about the attic."

"We're very excited!" says Ms. Nightengale. "The project has been very ambitious and everything looks good! We're all anxious to get started.This Autumn, a new admistration,
new staff and new students will walk the halls of Old Misky U again."

"I just don't see why they didn't demolish it, to be honest with ya" said former sheriff -now town private investigator, Frank Slade. "Some things are better left buried."
Frank's concern doesn't come unwarranted, as he was the chief invesigator of the student disappearances back in 2013. "Some things, they just stay with you, you know?"

After the closing of the university, Det. Slade exchanged his badge for a private office and magnifying glass. He has recently been employed by the new administration as the campus security administrator.
When asked why he would take a position in a place that harbored so many bad memories for him, Frank says "Business has been slow. Except for all those damn bigfoot and spaceman reports."
He gestures at the pile of papers that occupy the corner of his desk, "I did the therapy. I need the cash. Besides, me being there ensures that nothing gets out of hand this time."

Frank stares out the window, gesturing at the forest surrounding the university campus with one hand; his other wrapped firmly around a cup of decaffeinated breakfast blend.

"I'll think it'll be great for business!" says Henry Ward, former professor and now owner of the "Antiques & Curiosities" shop on Arcade St.
"I retired. Ellie and I wanted more time to see the world. We heard about the disappearances, but at that point, we had been away from the college for about a year."

Ellie, Henry's wife is a former art teacher at the university. She now is the town librarian at the Wintermoon Library.
When asked if either one of them would return to their faculty positions if asked, Henry stated "Sure would!. Well, I would. Ellie says it would take her away from the library."

The Wintermoon library serves as the research facility for the town historical society, and come Autumn, will once again serve the meeting room for Miskatonic students and faculty.

Registration is open. Classes start in September.


Miskatonic University-Wintermoon Campus-
Autumn 2023 Class Schedule

9/4- 9/8
The Romance of the Forest: The archetype in Gothic Literature
Using the Book by Ann Radcliffe, we discuss the forms and characters as archetype and psychological metephor and how the themes and aesthetic of the supernatural,
history, terror, and romance in Gothic Literature, can help us understand our own internal conflicts.

Heraldric Majik
Using the vestiges of medieval heraldry to create a familial or personal talismanic art for the home and other personal spaces.

How and why the use of magical words is said to have the power to command spirits, how and why the use of mysterious symbols or sigils which are thought to be useful when
invoking or evoking spirits and other energies, why the practice of magic was banned and how those ideas continue to influence opinion in modern society.

9/25-9/29 (mid-Autumn Festival)
The Rabbit in the Moon
A discussion of the Rabbit in the Moon myths.
Participants will receive a moon rabbit talisman.

Cryptique: The Jersey Devil
Cryptique is a random series of discussions in cryptozoology. Each class will focus on a new cryptid believed to exist or have existed, media portrayals of such, and stories of people
who say they have had experiences with the cryptid. Cryptique focuses on our own beliefs in regard to each cryptid, and in essence, we will "critique" why we beleive in some and not in others.

The Insanity of Jones
A reading and discussion of the story by Algernon Blackwood.
"Adventures come to the adventurous, and mysterious things fall in the way of those who, with wonder and imagination, are on the watch for them;
but the majority of people go past the doors that are half ajar, thinking them closed, and fail to notice the faint stirrings of the great curtain that
hangs ever in the form of appearances between them and the world of causes behind."
Art project creating our own "faint stirrings" and "threshold lurkers".

The folktales, myths and superstitons of Lycanthropy, shape-shifting, and shamanic journeys with the wolf.

Gospels of Intensity: Pans & Dunwich Horrors
How connections and translations of powerful experiences present through the concepts and allegory of metamorphosis, dark and hidden psychology,
alienesque and strange metaphor; and how they influence our thoughts and actions.

Pixie lights & Hinkypunks
Discussion on the phenomena of atmospheric lights.

Familial Curses
A generational curse is a habit or behavior that is beleived to have been passed from one generation to the next.
We discuss the origin of familial curses, the curse in relgion and mythology, the psychological explanations of such a curse,
and how to begin removing a hereditary curse.

11/20-11/24 (Thanksgiving Week)
Fairytale Majik Series: Anthropomorphism as Selective Functioning from Unconscious Archtypes
Grimm's fairytales hold loads of cultural fears, stereotypes, and information, but they are not the only collection of folktales.
Andrew Lang also has a number of collections about fairies, animals and other creatures. In our human history, the best way to pass on information
is to do so through the act of folktales, campfire stories, poems, and others lyrics and rhymes. Geared towards children, these stories instill cultural
narratives intended to be ingrained into future generations. Some have relgious and moral overtones, while others are just good common sense.
This series discusses the way our minds relate to our environment, how our ancestors perceived theirs,
and how the understanding these metaphors can be employed within alchemaic and resonant scenarios.

Khajiit Sneak! Cybermajik & the Archetype in Roleplay
Cybermajik and self-awareness through the actions and personas projected in roleplay.

Winter Classes TBA

*Ongoing classes at the Wintermon library: A Study in Gothic Literature
upstairs meeting room. Text book provided. Work at your own pace.