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The above listed are our brands and projects in which we represent, both past and present.
Some projects are currently in progress. Wintermoon Publishing full catalogue will be available soon.
We are currently in the process of building our physical home and shop. Some of these projects have pages and social media, some do not;
However, all available merchandise, any club, project or information will be available in the physical location upon completion.

The exact physical address of Wintermoon is currently being withheld for reasons of privacy and security.
Upon completion, Wintermoon will be a fantastical reality unto itself. Located in an enchanted forest nestled deep in Appalachian history, majik and
folklore along the Cumberland plateau in Grundy County, Tennessee.
We are the portal to all things paranormal on the plateau. (more information will be released in due time.)

We call this "the Transylvania of the South".
Once upon a time, this place where we live was known as "Transylvania".
The etymology of the word literally means "beyond the forest."
It is derived from Medieval Latin: trans meaning "beyond" and sylva meaning "forest", which was used primarily not as a name per se,
but more as a description...when referring to a mountain surrounded or encompassed by the woodlands.

There are so many legends in regard to this region in particular,
from ghost stories to cryptozoological lore regarding werewolves and vampires to hollowman to sasquatch.

The name was used during the Transylvania purchase at the beginning of the American Revolution in March of 1775.
A North Carolinian named Col. Richard Henderson,purchased about 20 million acres of Cherokee lands of the southern and central Appalachian Mountains
under the umbrella of the Transylvania Land Company.
This area included most of Kentucky as well as a good portion of Tennessee,
all the way down to the Tennessee River...including our little part of the forest.

At the conclusion of the Treaty of Sycamore Shoals of 1775, Dragging Canoe spoke against the sale of Cherokee land.
When he said "it is a dark and bloody land", we do not believe he meant it as a curse, but as a statement of fact
because of the war and bloodshed that was running rampant at the time as well as there being many weird and unexplained things that happen here.

So in the essence of the original name as well as the resonation of lore and legend and the paranormal like it's Romanian counterpart,
we endearingly and respectfully call it such.

We are artists.

Everything we create is art.
From the art and writings of Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn
to the art and 3d content of Mizdimma DeSade... this place is art.

Planned and designed with love and majik, we do not call this place "enchanted" or a "work of art", lightly.
It has been 10 years in the design stage, and 20 years since it's initial birth as Ravynmoon.
The story of Ravynmoon is rather lengthy, so we prefer to reserve it for late night campfire stories or long discussions over coffee.

We are witches.

Regardless of any preconceived notions about what some may *think* we are,
we are nature folk with over 40 years of experience in Appalachian Forest Craeft.
We create everything by hand with the resources we have around us.

What we believe.

We believe in nature and that each person has a majik all their own.
We believe that the market has become over saturated with "me toos" and an
overabundance of unsustainable and unoriginal items of commerce.
We were comfortable during a time when people still communicated organically instead
of internet messengers and still frequented their favorite shops in person instead of shopping online.
We miss the excitement of walking around an old town
and exploring the mysteries and histories and ghosts and we aim to bring a sense of that era back.

What we do.

We publish our own media including our own books, music, games and divination sets.
We sell crafts that we make, be it art, jewelry, clothing, or candy;
curate and sell oddities and curiosites, as well as official band merchandise,
grow and sell our own herbs and plants both dried and live, bath and body supplies,
and make our own teas, candles and incenses.
We will also host many fun and interesting events.
We're artists by trade and geneaologists and historians by purpose. Librarians, if you will.
Our focus is on culture and history...especially in regard to the Appalachian paranormal.

Hours & Location

Once the shop is finished, the shelves stocked, and the door open...
then we will add more info to this section.

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